Endale Abraham, Elmeater Morton, and David Lechner

portal offers the opportunity to balance on the threshold between where we are now, and the places and people we visit in our imaginations. As we navigate existing within closed quarters, we find that our memories have expanded to fill newly opened gaps in our daily lives. Through their work, Endale Abraham, Elmeater Morton, and David Lechner each reach through a portal of their own- into memories of loved ones, into stories they've read or written, and into relationships abstracted by layers of text. Each artist explores relationships, imaginative storytelling and worldbuilding. These themes transport the visitor away from the mundanity of everyday quarantined life and into a new realm.

Because we cannot gather in person, portal explores what it means for art to travel and congregate without us. portal materializes in three locations personally significant to each artist: a rose garden for Abraham's poetry regarding nature, a waterfront for Morton's love for the sea, and a local goat farm that was the destination of a particularly special PALS trip for Lechner. Each portal includes the textures, light, and sounds of the place the artwork visits. Through 360 degree photography, portal invites visitors into other worlds, exerting patience and attention to discover what secrets that place has to offer.

Experiencing photography in this way guides our attention to the parts of the world that are abridged by the edges of a traditional photograph, the invisible spaces and people standing just outside the frame. Entering the space of a 360 degree photographic field serves as a reminder that each artwork constitutes a doorway into an expansive internal world. While we encourage that as you visit each space you take in the ground below, the shadows, and any other incidental features, remember that portal is simply a vehicle to take you where you need to go- the work of Abraham, Morton, and Lechner constitutes the destination.

Visual art by Endale Abraham, Elmeater Morton, and David Lechner, poetry by Endale Abraham.

Sound design by Ryan Gamblin. Consultation and production by shared_spaces. Curated by Cecilia Chiappini, Shea Seery and Emma Ganger-Spivak

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